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About Us

Kinvara United are a soccer club formed in 1994 located in the village of Kinvara in South Co. Galway catering for players and members from all over South Galway and North Clare. The club is affiliated with the Galway & District League and compete across multiple age groups and levels from academy all the way up to adult leagues.

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We are family. Every family needs a home. By 2025 Kinvara United FC aim to have its own permanent home in the community which will secure the future of the club for many years to come. Kinvara United is at the heart of soccer in South Galway/North Clare and we are looking for our own permanent home to ensure Kinvara United continues to offer players and our community the opportunity to play and enjoy soccer for years to come.


  1. To teach and develop skills in the playing of soccer among youth and senior players of the Club.

  2. To arrange football training and matches for each of the playing members of the Club.

  3. To encourage the concept of lifelong friendships through sport and how team sport helps a child’s development.

  4. To encourage good sportsmanship and fair playing among all of the participants.

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