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Committee Roles & Responsibilities

The following roles and responsibilities are a general guideline with KUFC.


  1. Act as the primary conduit for communications to the Galway FA

  2. Send in all official match results

  3. Assist with all aspects of club administration, including:

    1. Ensure all coaches of teams in GFA leagues receives a copy of all emails from the GFA automatically.

    2. Communicate notice of meetings

    3. Record minutes of each meeting (delegated to assistant)

    4. Present minutes of each meeting to subsequent meeting for approval (delegated to assistant)

    5. Follow up on actions from meetings with people assigned the actions

  4. Send out correspondence re training courses etc.


  1. Act as the overall leader of the management committee running the club

  2. Act as the primary conduit for communications to the club trustees

  3. Be the primary representative of the club in dealings with all outside bodies and act as its spokesperson wherever appropriate

  4. Ensure the club’s activities are in line with Kinvara United, Galway FA and FAI rules, policies and procedures

  5. Ensure that the club’s activities are conducted safely and that collective responsibility for safety is emphasised at all levels

  6. Oversee the appropriate management of club accounts

  7. Prepare agendas and communicate notice of meetings

  8. Ensure required insurances are in place


  1. Keep up-to-date records as well as an audit trail for all transactions

  2. The treasurer has to do the banking, depositing cash and cheques, paying the bills and tracking income and expenditure throughout the year.

  3. Protect the Kinvara Swimming Club against fraud and theft.

  4. Support all payments with invoices, receipts and dockets

  5. Oversee and present forecasts, budgets, accounts and financial statements to the management committee

  6. Ensure two people are responsible for collecting and counting money

  7. Management of club accounts

  8. Lead Kinvara United fundraising activities

Coaching Officer

  1. Act as the primary conduit for communications to and from coaches within Kinvara United.

  2. Pass on communication from the Galway FA to the relevant coaches.

  3. Organise and chair regular coaches meeting.

  4. Provide coaches feedback to the management committee.

  5. Provide management committee feedback to the coaches, either at the next coaches meeting or sooner if required.

Public Relations officer

  1. To promote the club in the local community.

  2. To inform members of club activities via appropriate means (club website, social media, club webtext).

  3. Ensure that all photos meet club guidelines for child protection.

Child Protection Officer

  1. Hold an up to date certificate of Child Protection from FAI

  2. Children’s Officers should be familiar with the Code of Ethics and Child Welfare Guidelines of the Kinvara United Club, of the Galway FA and the FAI.

  3. Should promote awareness of child welfare policies and procedures to players, parents and coaches.

  4. Should influence policy and practice within the club in order to prioritise children’s needs

  5. To encourage the involvement of parents/guardians in the club activities and co-operate with them in ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for their children

  6. To act as an advisory resource to coaches on best practice in children’s sport

  7. S/he is the link between the children and the adults in the club.

  8. S/he also takes responsibility for monitoring and reporting to the Club Committee on how club policy etc. impacts on children and their Sports Leaders.

  9. The primary role of the Children’s Officer is the welfare of the children. They should be available to any player or parent who has concerns. Their contact numbers should be made available to all members of clubs and their parents.

  10. Children’s Officers should operate independently of their club’s administrative and coaching structure, i.e., they should not be a committee member or a coach.

  11. They must operate a strict code of confidentiality within the club, but if a concern about child protection comes to the Children’s Officer they should inform the designated person or, if not possible, the appropriate statutory authority.

  12. Ensure that all coaches have been advised on the clubs code of ethics and code of conduct

  13. Ensure that all coaches have been Garda vetted

  14. Ensure that all coaches keep an accurate attendance sheet at all training and match sessions

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